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Racheal Adriko is a transformative educational leader, guiding schools and projects around the world. She is currently Head of School at Metropolitan Montessori School (MMS) in New York City and will become Head of School at San Francisco Day School in July 2023. 


As a leader, Racheal values fostering multicultural communities where every child and their family feels welcomed and celebrated. She launched an “Idea Lab” curriculum for elementary-aged students to develop passion projects on whatever fuels their curiosity and creativity. For parents, teachers, and children, she has created conscientious initiatives to encourage people to share their unique background and gifts.


In recent years at MMS, she steered the creation of a brand new academic scope and sequence, mapping the benchmarks for a child’s development from early childhood to middle school in various subjects. She also guided the school through the toughest years of the pandemic, reopening on time, five days a week, for all students in September 2020, a rarity around the world. Collaborating with Trustees from two institutions, she was involved in planning and negotiating a merger between MMS and The Calhoun School, which will be finalized in July 2023.


Racheal has held school leadership positions at Milton Academy, Shady Hill School, and The Beacon School of East Africa in Uganda, and teaching positions at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She grew up in Uganda and Kenya and moved to Boston for college. She holds a BA in Sociology and Elementary Education from Suffolk University and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Simmons University. She is currently a EdD doctoral student at Northeastern University in Boston.



Racheal’s work has been featured on CNN, The Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, among others, and she is the author of articles on education and training published in the African press. 


  • PhD Thesis (Northeastern University): Racheal’s research focuses on how Ugandan stakeholders can successfully integrate educational technology into classrooms as digital access broadens around the country. Using qualitative data gathered through various methods, the study finds that leaders should steer resources toward teacher professional training and the implementation of culturally-responsive content to ensure that technology is not only available, but utilized to the greatest extent possible.
  • Africa Reads (2005-2009) delivered some 10,000 second-hand books to children in villages in northwestern Uganda. Racheal organized book drives in New England elementary, middle, and high schools to teach students about Uganda and inspire book donations. In Uganda, a local librarian, traveling by bicycle, circulated the books through various villages, ensuring children were able to read and share a wealth of new stories.


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